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[20:42] felixge: http://nodejs.debuggable.com/2010-01-21.html
[20:44] bentomas: sweet! it worked
[20:45] felixge: bentomas: nice
[20:45] felixge: :)
[20:45] felixge: anybody who has patches for the bot just ping me and I'll put them up : )
[20:47] ryah: #ifdef __sun
[20:47] ryah: #define _STDC_C99_OLD _STDC_C99
[20:47] ryah: #define __C99FEATURES__OLD __C99FEATURES__
[20:47] ryah: #undef _STDC_C99
[20:47] ryah: #define _STDC_C99 1
[20:47] ryah: #undef __C99FEATURES__
[20:47] ryah: #define __C99FEATURES__ 1
[20:47] ryah: #include
[20:47] ryah: #undef _STDC_C99
[20:47] ryah: #define _STDC_C99 _STDC_C99_OLD
[20:47] felixge: nice,, free c-porn
[20:47] felixge: :)
[20:47] ryah: #undef __C99FEATURES__
[20:47] ryah: #define __C99FEATURES__ __C99FEATURES__OLD
[20:47] ryah: ^-- groan
[20:47] felixge: np ^^
[20:47] felixge: is that for solaris?
[20:48] ryah: yeah
[20:49] ryah: porting v8 to sun isn't so simple
[20:49] felixge: ryah: who needs solaris? : |
[20:49] ryah: joyent
[20:50] mediacoder: :-)
[20:50] felixge: guess you gotta do that then : )
[20:50] bengl: i need solaris
[20:50] ryah: it's a nice platform- will be good to have v8 on there
[20:50] ryah: will/is
[20:51] felixge: ryah: are the v8 guys gonna merge your stuff?
[20:51] micheil: ryah: just wait until you need to port to hurd :P
[20:52] binary42: micheil: hurd magically ports itself to your projects as long as they are GPL.
[20:52] micheil: ACTION only heard of hurd last night.
[20:53] piranha has joined the channel
[20:55] bentomas: what's hurd?
[20:56] bjartek: it is the kernel of the GNU people is it not?
[20:56] binary42: http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd.html
[20:57] bjartek: been a long time since I heard anybody talk about it :)
[20:57] binary42: The GNU Hurd is under active development. <- by that they mean it's going to come bundled with duke nukem forever.
[20:57] bjartek: binary42: nice one :)
[20:57] bjartek: and it will come on Beta Max tapes
[20:58] mattly: hahha
[20:58] binary42: You at least get high quality colors on your boot screen video. :P
[21:00] micheil: binary42: supposedly they've just gotten funding and developers
[21:00] micheil: and supposedly, even though it's unstable, it does boot
[21:00] binary42: It's been able to boot for over 10 years now.
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[21:35] konobi: ryah: how was the JS meetup?
[21:42] ryah: *shrug*
[21:42] ryah: okay
[21:42] ryah: :)
[21:42] ryah: free pizza
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[21:42] mediacoder: ryah: hehe, you seem so undecided lately *shrugs*
[21:44] ryah: konobi: tlrobinson, kriskowal and i are going to get together next week (?) you won't happen to be in town?
[21:44] ryah: have a ssjs dinner
[21:45] konobi: ryah: heh... very doubtful
[21:46] konobi: i assume the next time I'll be in the states would be for a conference
[21:46] ryah: have you seen http://www.freebase.com/ - someone presented it last night
[21:46] ryah: seems a bit smart-like
[21:47] ryah: hmm. but looking at the website i don't really get it.
[21:47] sudoer has joined the channel
[21:47] ryah: http://blog.freebase.com/2010/01/21/wills-server-side-javascript-on-freebase-com-slides/
[21:48] ryah: okay. well. not smart-like. but it's something.
[21:51] konobi: yeah, i know one of the freebase people
[21:51] konobi: there's been a few freebase things happening up here in vancouver
[21:52] konobi: I should probably have a chat with Skud about it at some point
[21:55] orlandov: weird... it's like a schema... for RL
[21:58] inimino: looks like some kind of semweb stuff
[22:02] ryah: #define __C99FEATURES__ 1 <-- useful
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[22:58] konobi: what's the current thinking on library organisation with node?
[22:59] mattly has joined the channel
[23:06] inimino: isaacs: did you solve that shebang issue?
[23:07] bentomas: inimino: what's the issue:
[23:09] inimino: bentomas: he was doing something with chained files with #! lines and it wasn't working
[23:09] inimino: that should work, so I just wanted to make sure it eventually did
[23:10] bentomas: huh
[23:12] benw: Nice - when did #! start working? I thought I tried that last week and it didn't.
[23:13] bentomas: benw: it has been working for quite a while now
[23:13] inimino: isaacs had something like #!/usr/local/bin/node file.js
[23:13] inimino: which should always work
[23:14] benw: Cool, I obviously stuffed up then.
[23:14] inimino: if file.js handles it
[23:14] inimino: "#!/usr/local/bin/node" followed by JavaScript should work too
[23:15] Micheil_away: #!/usr/bin/env node file.js
[23:15] Micheil_away: should work better
[23:15] benw: Yep works good
[23:15] Micheil_away: hmm.. time for breakfast methinks.
[23:15] inimino: but I haven't tested that
[23:15] inimino: (and node would have to support it)
[23:15] inimino: ACTION tests
[23:15] JimBastard: holler
[23:17] inimino: yeah, "#!/usr/bin/env node" also works
[23:17] inimino: so you can write little scripts in JavaScript easily :)
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[23:20] ryah: konobi: library organization? it's fairly bleak at the moment
[23:21] stevestmartin has left the channel
[23:22] orlandov: hmmm, are there any good strategies to test async code? i mean, i can assert till i'm blue in the face, but if my callbacks don't fire i'm kind of boned
[23:22] orlandov: right now in my tests i ++ a counter and on my close callback check the value, but thats weak sauce
[23:22] benw: Would be handy if process.ARGV didn't include ['node', '/path/to/script.js', ...
[23:23] ryah: benw: why?
[23:23] ryah: orlandov: felix has a little library to help with that
[23:24] stephenlb: ACTION uses ./ab -c100 to test for async concurrency stability. = anyone use other tools?
[23:24] ryah: orlandov: i've been wanting to add something to assert.js for doing async stuff
[23:24] benw: For convenience, when writing scripts that use commandline arguments. Perl's ARGV includes just the arguments intended for the script.
[23:25] orlandov: ryah: in the perl world, we've got TAP, the most useful feature of which (IMO) is the ability to plan the number of tests you will run, and throw a failure if you run less/more than that number
[23:25] orlandov: but some truly asyncy testing code would be rad
[23:25] bentomas: ryah: the only inconvenience I've found with writing scripts is that if I want to be able to take --help as an argument , I have to run my script like this: node -- myScript.js --help
[23:26] ryah: benw: hm. i guess i could do that.
[23:26] orlandov: blackdog: k i've fixed the array problem, im going to write some more tests and commit it in a couple of hours probably
[23:26] benw: ryah: Having said that, I see that 'node --debug script.js' omits the --debug from ARGV, which is cool
[23:27] ryah: benw: yeah the option parsing in node.cc sucks
[23:27] ryah: i've got to fix that at some point.
[23:27] benw: ryah: Delegate :)
[23:28] ryah: people don't like doing c++ things :)
[23:28] benw: I wouldn't say that
[23:28] orlandov: ryah: is it just a matter of integrating gnu getopt?
[23:28] benw: I'm currently pouring over node.cc
[23:28] ryah: orlandov: yeah, probably
[23:29] ryah: the other problem is that you have to pass some options to v8 for processing
[23:30] benw: orlandov: Go for it if you're interested, I've got other stuff on my plate
[23:31] orlandov: it sounds like a fun project, but i don't think my c++ skills are good enough to commit to doing it :(
[23:32] orlandov: benw: btw have you checked out http://github.com/jfd/optparse-js ?
[23:32] benw: orlandov: Thanks, no I hadn't seen that
[23:33] orlandov: benw: let me know if you end up using it, i've been eyeing it for something i wanna do
[23:33] benw: I don't have an immediate need
[23:33] orlandov: ah gotcha
[23:35] benw: ACTION is working on the exception handling stuff we talked about yesterday
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[23:36] jamiew_ has left the channel
[23:36] ryah: with the eventemitter stack?
[23:36] BradleyS has joined the channel
[23:38] bentomas: orlandov: benw: there is also my port of Trollop for node: http://github.com/bentomas/trollopjs I'm a big fan of how easy Trollop is
[23:38] orlandov: bentomas: i like easy!
[23:39] mahemoff has joined the channel
[23:39] benw: ryah: Yeah except without the stack part
[23:39] orlandov: bentomas: does it support single letter options?
[23:40] Booster has joined the channel
[23:40] bengl has joined the channel
[23:40] bentomas: it does. you can specify them yourself or it will figure them out itself
[23:42] benw: bentomas: nice
[23:46] mikeal has joined the channel
[23:47] felixge: ryah: any chance to merge zimbatm's promise fixes from net2/develop into master?
[23:48] jan____: technoweenie: are you at entp?
[23:48] ryah: felixge: i'm trying to work off the develop branch now
[23:49] benw: ACTION needs to learn about JS getters and setters
[23:49] voodootikigod___: ryah: thanks for getting your talk in
[23:49] felixge: ryah: so develop is the new master?
[23:49] ryah: felixge: but hm. maybe i hvaen't got those in
[23:50] ryah: felixge: trying out a new model of merging and stuff
[23:50] jan____: ryah: you gonna come to the SSJS meetup next week?
[23:50] technoweenie: jan____: yea
[23:50] felixge: ryah: I'd rather have master be the cutting edge (with the ocassional feature branch) and a stable branch that has the latest release
[23:50] ryah: jan____: yeah - you too?
[23:50] jan____: ryah: yeah
[23:50] jan____: technoweenie: go, meet @paulca: http://twitter.com/paulca/status/8046712393
[23:50] ryah: jan____: were you there last night?
[23:50] jan____: ryah: no, I'm lfying out monday
[23:50] ryah: jan____: at the sfjs thing?
[23:50] technoweenie: jan____: he's sitting right next to me :)
[23:50] jan____: good!
[23:51] jan____: ryah: the thing tlrobinson linked to on twitter
[23:51] ryah: yeah
[23:52] ryah: felixge: hm. yeah.. maybe i could do that
[23:54] tlrobinson: technoweenie: tell paulca i say hi
[23:55] technoweenie: ok but he's on a conf call now :)
[23:55] benw: I want to make a new process.foo property, with getter and setter in C++.
[23:55] stephenlb has joined the channel
[23:55] benw: Can anyone point me to a good example to follow?
[23:56] CIA-78: node: 03Jonas Pfenniger 07master * r7f652b6 10/ src/node.js : Factorized deprecation messages - http://bit.ly/7ixuC9
[23:56] CIA-78: node: 03Jonas Pfenniger 07master * r87d92f6 10/ src/node.js : FIX: EventEmitter call in Promise - http://bit.ly/5LPqcE
[23:56] CIA-78: node: 03Jonas Pfenniger 07master * r971f43d 10/ src/node.js :
[23:56] CIA-78: node: FIX: Promise timeout should not addErrback
[23:56] CIA-78: node: Because now, we expect the exception to be thrown if no errback
[23:56] CIA-78: node: is given, we can't let timeout() add an errback silently. - http://bit.ly/8D82Hi
[23:56] CIA-78: node: 03Ryan Dahl 07master * r5547450 10/ ChangeLog : credit Erich in ChangeLog - http://bit.ly/4Qi9fM
[23:56] ryah: benw: are you sure?
[23:56] benw: ryah: I'm open to suggestions
[23:56] ryah: what's the situation?
[23:56] felixge: ryah: thanks for mewrging those :)
[23:57] benw: process.catcher = function (e) { ... }
[23:57] benw: var oldCatcher = process.catcher;
[23:58] benw: process.catcher = function (e) { ... else oldCatcher(e); };
[23:58] benw: And I need fast access to the catcher function pointer from C++
[23:58] benw: so I think it should be a C++ global.
[23:59] benw: Access via JS will be very infrequent.
[23:59] benw: Access via C++ will be every time an event is queued.
[23:59] ryah: hm..
[23:59] ryah: what's it for exactly?